Beanstalk Solutions is a revolutionary Roofing and Restoration Contractor Software system. Available via a Mobile App and at your desktop, it is a centralized location for driving, managing and measuring all leads, projects and employee performance in the Roofing and Restoration industries. Additionally its reporting capabilities give owners a clear picture of the state of their business at any time and from any Smartphone.



The roofing repair process is a coordinated effort. There are a lot of moving parts. Profitability relies upon the flow and communication of information and materials. Beanstalk guides that flow, eliminates obstacles and is incredibly easy to use.



Increase Sales

Organize and track your leads in a way that forces efficiency, never allowing for overlooked or lost leads.

Close Faster Deals

You are able to focus on the right leads, which allows you to qualify and close faster.

Manage Projects Efficiently

Job boards, information tracking, reminders and more. It's impossible not to stay organized and keep your projects progressing.

Drive Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Homeowners recongnize and appreciate when you are prepared, professional and consistent. Their likelihood to use you for future projects and to refer you their friends and family is high.

Real-time Project Dashboard

An easy to read, accurate snapshot of your business available at all times. No more time spent wondering how many projects or their status.


All questions answered and information tracked. Prove your growth and identify areas where you could improve.

Tracking By

Salesperson, Project, Numbers – Care to know your best performers, their stats, their whereabouts and more? Use tracking to inform hiring, firing and expectations.

Manage, Monitor and Measure Growth

You can only manage what you measure and this is the tool to help you do just that. Knowing your numbers is the first step in targeting areas for growth.

Funding Requests and Tracking

One of a kind in our industry! Request capital with the push of a button. Get paid faster and keep projects moving swiftly.

Claims Management

When it's time to file for a supplement, doing so within Beanstalk puts the process in motion as your supplement is built, approved by insurance and funded to you.

Materials Ordering and Tracking

No more supplier invoices or missed communication when you order Materials through Beanstalk.

Optical Character Recognition

Take a photo of a loss sheet and the information will automatically populate fields in the mobile app.


Mobile App Integration

Available via a desktop website and a mobile app, the versatility is what you and your sales team needs to operate in a way that makes the most sense and is user friendly.

Document Uploads

Never lose another piece of paper again. Contracts, paperwork, loss sheets…they can all be uploaded and filed quickly and easily retrieved.

Photo Uploads

Both offline and online, pictures of your project can be snapped and instantly added, eliminating the need for storage on your Smartphone or remembering to upload later.

Team Collaboration

Message team members and communicate from a central location regarding all project needs.

Project Notes

Store pertinent information in a place that’s easy to input and subsequently find.


You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax or email. You can also use a quick contact form below or visit our office personally.